7 Best Books For 1st Graders

Children’s entertainment is steadily evolving every day thanks to technological advancements. But while TV shows and YouTube videos are many parents’ go-to, nothing beats the magic of reading a book.


Books can bring kids to a new fantasy world in the comfort of their homes. At the same time, they can train kids’ cognitive abilities and reading comprehension.


First graders are capable of reading more words compared to kindergarteners. They have a better understanding of vocabulary and different topics. Here are 7 of the best books for 1st graders that you need to check out today.


The Night Before First Grade

By: Natasha Wing and Deborah Zemke 

The first day of school can be terrifying for a first grader. Fortunately, this book shows young children that 1st grade is nothing to be scared of.


The Night Before First Grade is all about Penny and her first day of school with her best friend, Jenny. This book comes with colorful artworks, charming rhymes, and an exciting twist ending. It’s the perfect book to pick up for your anxious 1st grader.


My Magical Choices

By: Becky Cummings and Zuzana Svobodova 

It’s the perfect time to teach children the power of their choices and action. My Magical Choices is a self-help book made for young kids. The book encourages kids to use language that promotes calmness, confidence, and kindness.


Each page comes with short but impactful verses that are fun to read and remember. The book is also fully illustrated and features characters practicing what each lesson preaches. My Magical Choices will teach your kid how to be a better version of themselves and how they can make their day brighter by their own choices.


I Choose to Calm My Anger

By: Elizabeth Estrada

Many hot-headed adults become the way they are because of their upbringing. Teaching children how to control their emotions at a young age can help lessen the likelihood of raising angry grown-ups.


I Choose to Calm My Anger follows a young boy named Jackson, who gets mad at his parents. But he learns to control his emotions thanks to his friend, who teaches him effective coping mechanisms. This book is not only a fun, rhyming story for kids. It’s also a tool that can help kids control their emotions and cope with everyday stress.


Julian Is a Mermaid

By: Jessica Love 

Self-love and self-expression are essential lessons to teach children. Many kids are discovering their identities and passions during this stage of life. And as parents, it’s crucial to let kids explore their creativity and imagination.


Julian Is a Mermaid is all about Julian, who takes an interest in becoming a mermaid. Many reviewers recommend this book for its vivid and flowy artwork and its simple but powerful message. This book is perfect for kids who want to embrace the things they love and express their thoughts and feelings.


Don’t Feed The WorryBug

By: Andi Green

Mental health issues are something not a lot of parents acknowledge. However, worries and anxieties can affect anybody at any age. Luckily, this book shines a light on that issue and can help both parents and children.


Don’t Feed The WorryBug follows Wince and his problems with the WorryBug, which constantly feeds on his anxiety. The book tackles how worry can start, how it can negatively affect a person, and how to get rid of it. The book features fictional monster characters and settings. But the themes written in this book are realities for many individuals.


Hair Love

By: Matthew A. Cherry and Vashti Harrison

Sometimes, something as simple as grooming hair can be a great bonding moment. And Hair Love, which is a tie-in with an Oscar-winning animation, proves it.


The book is all about Zuri and her father, as they struggle to get her hair ready for an important day. Hair Love puts a lot of emphasis on father-child love and appreciation for natural hair. The ending will also tug on everybody’s heartstring, old and young.


The Book with No Pictures

By: B.J. Novak

This last book on our list might leave parents scratching their heads. Who would want to buy a children’s book with no pictures!? But while this book lacks any illustrations, it makes up for it with its colorful writing.


The Book with No Pictures is a funny must-read for any bored kid. The comedy of the book relies heavily on the delivery of the reader and how they can make themselves sound like a… monkey? Without spoiling too much, this is a simple book with a simple premise that can be enjoyable for the whole family.



All of these books are available today on Amazon and can be purchased as a physical product or an ebook. Start reading these fun and insightful books today. You and your kid might even learn a thing or two.

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