How to Announce Pregnancy to Parents Who Live Far Away

New grandparents finding out

One of the best moments in a parent’s life is having a baby. Pregnancy is the highlight of many couples’ lives, and they want the announcement to be extra special. And usually, the first people to know about a pregnancy are the grandparents.


Telling your parents is not only a natural thing to do. But they can also help you out during the pregnancy and birthing process. They can be your moral support and guide you to have a smooth experience. Plus, they might even give tips and gifts to you and your future kid.


But what if your parents live somewhere far away, like in a different state or country? Unfortunately, many couples can’t show their pregnancy to their parents because of their long-distance situation. Fortunately, there are many creative ways to announce your pregnancy without getting a plane ticket.


In this article, we gathered 3 exciting ideas that you and your partner can do to announce your pregnancy. Not only are they sweet gestures, but they are also budget-friendly. (At least when compared to going on a road trip to your parent’s place.)


Here are Three Ways on How to Announce Pregnancy to Parents Who Live Far Away

1 Give Them a Video Call

This is the easiest (and cheapest) option on this list. There is something intimate about seeing your parents’ faces, even if it’s through a monitor screen. If you don’t regularly have video calls with your parents, this is the perfect time to do so.


Many platforms offer video calls that are convenient and easy to use. Messenger and Skype are two of the most famous video calling platforms that a lot of people use. Older people like your parents can understand these applications’ user interfaces.


There are many things that you can do on a video call. Talking to them is one thing. But you can also show them your ultrasound pictures, give them a virtual tour around the baby’s bedroom, or have an online shopping spree for baby things.


Another suggestion is to invite your parents to a virtual baby shower. Online baby showers are trendy nowadays because it’s easier for people from far away to connect and interact. When it comes to baby showers, Zoom is the popular video conference application to use.


2 Send Them a Gift in the Mail

Who doesn’t like receiving gifts from their loved ones? We’re sure that your parents will love a novelty gift with a surprise.


Surprise gifts are a fun way of announcing your pregnancy to your parents. There are many adorable and hilarious presents that you can find online. Here are some gift ideas that you should try out:


Grandparent Announcement T-Shirt (For Grandma) (For Grandpa)

I Can't Keep Calm I'm Going To Be a Grandma

A t-shirt is a classic and practical gift that you can give to anyone. It’s also the perfect surprise gift for any soon-to-be grandparents. Give your parents something to show off their pride as a brand new grandma or grandpa.


Sonogram Frame

Pearhead Rustic Sonogram Frame, Love at First Sight Ultrasound Frame, Gender Neutral Baby Nursery Décor for Baby Girl or Baby Boy

There’s always something so intimate when it comes to sonogram pictures. It’s seeing the start of a brand new life. And what better way to remind your parents than by gifting it to them in a picture frame.


These sonogram frames are perfect memorabilia for your nts. They can display it in their homes for the whole world to see.


’Avocado Tell You Something’ Scratch-Off Cards

Oh Boy Love It Pregnancy Announcement Reveal Card, Scratch Off Avocado Lover 4 Pack w/ Kraft Envelopes | for Grandparents, Grandma, Aunt, Uncle | Having a Baby

Regular cards are nice and all, but the novelty wears off after you read them. Scratch-off cards, however, adds a bit of fun and surprise to the message.


These avocado cards are a great way to announce your pregnancy to your parents (as well as to other friends and relatives.) They are great on their own or as add-ons to any care package. They are also eco-friendly and come in a recyclable kraft envelope.


Only The Best Parents Get Promoted To Grand Parents’ Picture Frame

Grandparents Picture Frame Grandma Grandpa Gifts Heart String 4x6 Photo for Grandparent's Day,Birthday,Christmas,Wedding,Thanksgiving,Valentine-Only The Best Parents Get Promoted To Grandparents

Picture frames are great at storing memories. This decorated picture frame is the perfect addition to your parents’ home. It also comes with a sweet message and plenty of hearts to go around. The frame is large enough to be hung on the wall or placed on a table.


’Only the Best Moms/Dads Get Promoted to Grandma/Grandpa’ Coffee Mug Set

Only the Best Mom Dad Get Promoted to Grandma and Grandpa Coffee Mug Set, Great Grandparent Coffee Mug Set. Pregnancy announcement Gift. Great Grandpa Mug. Grandparent Mug Set of 2 Shot Mugs (Black)

Some people think a mug is a cheesy gift, but we argue that they’re handy and, dare we say, cute. If you want to give your parents a classic gift, you can always go for these matching mugs. They can use it as a drinking mug, a pencil holder, or even a display. (We won’t judge!) They’re also a classy and subtle way of showing off their grandparent pride.


3 Send Them Something Sweet at Their Doorstep

This is somewhat similar to the previous suggestion. Let’s say your parents aren’t big fans of physical gifts. There are other ways of surprising them even if they live far away.


Sending treats like cookies and cakes is another good idea. Many people love receiving delicious food, especially from loved ones. If your passion is cooking and baking, you can send them a tasty package.


We highly suggest a cake because they are sweet and won’t immediately go bad in a day. Plus, you can write a surprise message on the top with frosting!


If making food is not your strongest suit, you can find food delivery services that can make them for you. There are many baking services to choose from if you live in the US. Here are 12 baking services suggested by Town & Country.



It is upsetting when you can’t announce your pregnancy to your parents in person. But that doesn’t mean you can’t surprise them in fun and creative ways.


Video calling, buying them gifts, or sending delightful food are some suggestions we can bring. Of course, there are other gimmicks that you can do as well. Whatever fits your time and your budget, you should go for it.


Announcing a pregnancy is one of the happiest parts of being a parent. And distance shouldn’t get in the way of showing your joy to others.


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