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Welcome to All Day Parenting!


We’re not just a community; we’re your extended family of parents who deeply understand the joys and challenges of parenthood. Our founder, Joyce Dawson, a dedicated mother of four children ranging from 1 to 9 years old, started this platform with a mission close to her heart: to provide a space where parents can connect, learn, and grow together.

We firmly believe that parenthood is a 24/7 journey filled with love, laughter, and a whole lot of hard work. At All Day Parenting, we stand by your side every step of the way. We offer a wealth of informative articles, practical tips, and a warm, welcoming community where you can find solace and camaraderie.

Joyce is passionate about delivering top-notch content covering every facet of parenting, from pregnancy to navigating the teenage years and beyond. Whether you’re embarking on the adventure of parenthood for the first time or you’re a seasoned pro, you’ll discover valuable insights and guidance here.

We encourage all parents to share their unique experiences and insights because we firmly believe that in sharing, we all learn and grow together. Join our community today and become a part of a supportive network of like-minded parents who comprehend the challenges and triumphs of raising children in today’s world.

Thank you for choosing All Day Parenting as your trusted resource for all things parenting. Together, we look forward to nurturing a community where we can all flourish and evolve as parents.