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If you go out and ask people what drink they love to have on a hot summer day, chances are you’ll hear one or more people saying it’s sports drinks. Millions of US citizens chug a bottle of sports drinks every year. An estimated half of US high school students consume sports drinks at least once a week.


However, teens aren’t the only ones hooked on sports drinks. Many adults enjoy the sweet and refreshing taste sports drinks have to give. Whether you’ve finished a 5-mile marathon or a 5-hour Netflix session, a cold bottle of liquid electrolytes can help replenish your system.


Mothers, in particular, can find use in drinking sports beverages every once in a while. Parenthood can put a lot of strain on a person’s body. Breastfeeding takes energy from mothers to provide for their babies.


There are many sports drinks available in your local supermarket or convenience store. Among different brands like Gatorade and Pocari Sweat, Coca-Cola has its fair share of Sports Drinks. One of its well-known subsidiaries includes BodyArmor SuperDrink.


What is BodyArmor SuperDrink?

BodyArmor SuperDrink is a sports drinks brand founded in 2011 by Mike Repole. They advertise their drinks as containing natural flavors, sweeteners, and no artificial coloring. BodyArmor SuperDrink also has electrolytes, coconut water, and potassium to keep the body hydrated.

BODYARMOR LYTE Sports Drink Low-Calorie Sports Beverage, Coconut, Natural Flavors With Vitamins, Potassium-Packed Electrolytes, No Preservatives, Perfect For Athletes, 16 Fl Oz (Pack of 12)

BodyArmor has many products with varying flavors. Besides their regular products, they have BodyArmor Lyte, which is low in calories and sugar. BodyArmor Edge advertises to have 100mg of caffeine along with 1000mg of electrolytes. Finally, BodyArmor SportWater has alkaline pH of 9+, making it perfect for all-day activities.


BodyArmor carries a range of flavors, such as Fruit Punch, Tropical Punch, Strawberry Banana, and Gold Berry. Each flavor is natural and comes from fruit concentrate.


Are BodyArmor Drinks for Breastfeeding Mothers Safe?

Sports drinks and energy drinks sound similar to one another. However, energy drinks contain caffeine and guarana that stimulates the body. And while the extra stimulation is handy for people who need to do overtime at work or school, breastfeeding mothers should never have too many stimulants like caffeine.


The good news is that BodyArmor is not an energy drink. Besides BodyArmor Edge, other BodyArmor products have no caffeine in them.

BodyArmor advertises its brand as a natural alternative to other sports drinks like Gatorade. Observant consumers can find that one of the top ingredients in BodyArmor SuperDrinks is coconut water concentrate. The drinks are also rich in vitamins, potassium, and electrolytes. People worried about sodium intake can safely have BodyArmor drinks since a regular 12 oz bottle only contains 30mg.


However, people who are sensitive to sugar or have diabetes might want to think twice about downing a bottle. A regular bottle contains 21g of sugar, with 19g of added sugar. A 12 oz bottle also contains 90 calories. Do note that the BodyArmor Lyte drinks have less sugar, with only 2g of sugar per bottle.


So are sports drinks, specifically BodyArmor, safe for moms? Based on the information, BodyArmor SuperDrink is a safe brand for breastfeeding mothers.


However, regularly drinking sports drinks can cause health issues because of the added sugar and calories. Whether you have diabetes or not, consuming a lot of sugar can increase the risks of comorbid diseases. 


Does BodyArmor Promote Breastfeeding?

Many mothers swear by BodyArmor SuperDrink for helping them produce more breast milk. Moms suggest BodyArmor as a quick hack to increase supplies as fast as possible.


However, no scientific evidence suggests that BodyArmor can promote breast milk production. Most stories that you will see online or hear in person are anecdotal.


There is no denying that BodyArmor contains vitamins that can help mothers. Vitamins B3, B5, B6, B9, & B12, and antioxidants A, C, & E are all present in a 12 oz bottle. Adequate hydration also helps promote milk production and increase supply.


However, the high amount of sugar is still a gamble. Sports drinks should never be a replacement for drinkable water. (Yes, even if the sweet fruity flavors are tempting.


What Other Drinks Help Promote Milk Supply?

A healthy milk supply relies on a nutrient-dense diet with vitamins and minerals. While BodyArmor can give some of those needed nutrition, other drinks can push you to your required daily intake. Some drinks you should give a try include:


  • Coconut water– This is one of the main ingredients found in BodyArmor. Coconut water can rehydrate you on a hot summer day and give you all the potassium you need.



  • Water– Water is still the healthiest choice for hydration. Water helps clean toxins from the body and keeps cells working in top conditions.


Combine these healthy beverages with equally healthy meals. Vegetables, fruits, oatmeal, whole grains, and dairy products can strengthen the body and improve its performance.



Is BodyArmor an energy drink?

BodyArmor is considered a sports drink, not an energy drink. Energy drinks contain stimulants like caffeine, and sports drinks don’t.


Is BodyArmor safe for children?

BodyArmor is generally safe for kids. However, consumption should be moderate.


Does BodyArmor have any allergens?

BodyArmor contains coconut water concentrate, a common allergen for many people.



Staying hydrated is crucial for any mother, especially while breastfeeding. Many parents choose a cold bottle of sports drinks to energize them for the rest of the day.


BodyArmor is a loved brand for many active people because of its high electrolytes, vitamins, and potassium content. BodyArmor also prides itself as a natural drink with few artificial ingredients.


BodyArmor is a popular choice for many moms because of its natural, plant-based ingredients. Some mothers even claim that BodyArmor helps them produce more breast milk. However, BodyArmor contains plenty of sugar and can slow down weight loss and cause health issues. 


The occasional BodyArmor SuperDrink can help you cool off during the summer. But like many things in life, it’s best to enjoy sports drinks in moderation.

BODYARMOR Sports Drink Sports Beverage, Fruit Punch, Natural Flavors With Vitamins, Potassium-Packed Electrolytes, No Preservatives, Perfect For Athletes, 16 Fl Oz (Pack of 12)