Is Melatonin Safe During Pregnancy?

Is Melatonin Safe During Pregnancy?

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Pregnancy can bring out many changes in your body, some better than others. Throughout your pregnancy, you feel fatigued. You want to fall asleep, yet your body keeps refusing.

So what can you do during this situation? You might consider reaching into your medicine cabinet and taking a few melatonin pills. But is this a safe and reliable option?

Why Is It So Hard to Get Sleep While Pregnant?

Many mothers struggle to get a good night’s sleep during pregnancy. However, sleep is a necessity for the body to function. Sleep deprivation is linked to many health complications, including issues with blood pressure and kidneys.

Sleep becomes more difficult as you reach the later stages of pregnancy. Some potential reasons you cannot catch a break during bedtime are heartburn, restless leg syndrome (RLS), insomnia, and sickness. So what can you do to get your much-needed sleep?

Is Melatonin Safe During Pregnancy?

Melatonin supplement is an over-the-counter remedy that many people use. It is a popular sleeping aid with varying degrees of success. People use melatonin for jet lag and sleep disorders.

However, while the average Joe can safely take melatonin without a doctor’s prescription, pregnant moms should think twice before reaching for a bottle. Research is sparse when it comes to the safety of melatonin during pregnancy.

Even then, your doctor may not recommend it since melatonin levels naturally increase during pregnancy, and they do not want an imbalance in the body. Consider discussing other safer alternatives with your doctor about insomnia during pregnancy.

7 Ways to Naturally Improve Sleep While Pregnant?

Getting enough sleep can be a struggle during pregnancy. It is a good thing that there are many natural alternatives that you can practice to get enough rest. Some tips to improve your sleep include:

1 Use Plenty of Pillows While Resting

Proper support can make sleeping a better experience while you are pregnant. Using pillows while you sleep allows blood to flow better and lessens the risks of cramps.

Many experts suggest sleeping on your sides for the best nightly experience. Maternity pillows are a fantastic investment since they support your knees, belly, and back.

2 Create a Dim and Relaxing Environment

A dimly lit room with little distractions can increase natural melatonin production and make you feel sleepier. You can achieve this by using curtains and turning off loud devices.

3 Practice a Bedtime Routine

A bedtime routine can make you feel sleepier through habit. Have a fixed schedule for bathing, brushing, and preparing for bedtime.

4 Limit Your Devices Before Bed

Blue light from phones and gadgets can make it more difficult to sleep. Instead, do more relaxing activities before bed, like reading or knitting.

5 Practice Meditation, Yoga, and Breathing Exercises Before Sleeping

Meditative activities can lower stress and provide relaxation. They also ease other pregnancy symptoms and make your body feel less tense when going to bed.

6 Move Your Body During the Daytime

Release all your energy throughout the day to make yourself sleepy once the night comes. Do simple activities like chores or light exercises to keep your body active.

7 Treat Any Ailments That are Causing Sleeping Problems

Some complications like heartburn and insomnia might need the intervention of a healthcare provider. Your doctor may prescribe pregnancy-safe medications to help you deal with ailments affecting your sleep.