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Demystifying Infertility: Is Castor Oil the Solution to Having Kids?

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Many couples dream of having one or more children. It’s a common life goal to want to raise a bundle of joy from infancy to adulthood. And it’s hard to deny the feeling of joy and pride a parent feels after raising a successful kid.


But there are many obstacles that parents need to overcome to have a child. And one of the biggest hurdles that want-to-be parents have to overcome is infertility.


Infertility is a common problem across the world. In the US alone, 6% of married women are unable to conceive a baby. And the inability to conceive has become a burden for both men and women.


Some fertility issues are explainable by medical experts, while others happen for no apparent reason. Regardless, infertility affects both sexes negatively, and it can lower any couple’s confidence and esteem.


So people, especially women, look to natural remedies to increase their chances of pregnancy. Some remedies are not scientifically founded and can cause more harm than good. But most of the time, there are harmless natural remedies that can soothe soon-to-be mom’s spirits and reproductive parts.


One possible treatment for infertility is castor oil. Since ancient times, castor oil has been used by the Chinese and Egyptian as a topical medicine. But unlike other remedies that died out, castor oil remained a popular alternative medicine.


But can castor oil be the answer for your infertility? And how do you use castor oil to improve your reproductive health?


Who Experiences Infertility?

Before we talk about oils and alternate remedies, let’s first discuss infertility. A lot of people are aware of what it means to be infertile. But there are still some misunderstandings surrounding this topic.


Infertility can happen to both men and women. But for brevity’s sake, we’ll only discuss infertility in women.


There are many causes for why a woman can’t conceive a baby. One usual problem is ovulation disorders.


Women who have problems with their reproductive hormones are more likely to be infertile than those without disorders. Some common conditions include polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), hypothalamic dysfunction, premature ovarian failure, and overproduction of the hormone prolactin.


There are other possible causes for infertility, such as damaged fallopian tubes, endometriosis, and cancer. Basically, any disease or disorder in the reproductive system can cause infertility.


But sometimes, women can be infertile for no reason. They can have no obvious problems and yet still can’t conceive under normal circumstances. And these cases can either be temporary or permanent, depending on how fast you act on getting treatment.


Some women are at a higher risk of being infertile than others. Older women, smokers, drinkers, or women with heavier weights can be at risk of being barren.


Sex can also cause unintentional infertility. Unprotected sex can cause STDs and infections that can damage a woman’s organs.


Infertility can make conception hard, if not impossible. Infertility can also lower a woman’s self-esteem and cause emotional distress. So it’s common for a lot of women to look for ways to combat this inability.


Many products can help in conception, and one of them is castor oil. But what is this oil? And more importantly: is it safe?


What is Castor Oil?

Castor oil is vegetable oil with multiple uses and benefits. The oil is extracted from the seeds of a Ricinus communis plant, then processed to be safe for human consumption. Castor oil is safe for external and internal use.


Castor oil is used to treat plenty of problems, such as caring for a wound or improving hair health. Castor oil is also a natural moisturizer and can fight off acne. Other benefits of castor oil include stimulating digestion and reducing inflammation.


Castor oil is effective for first aid but shouldn’t be used long-term. Castor oil, when overeaten, can cause discomfort, digestive problems, and interactions with medication. It’s also noteworthy that it can induce untimely labor in pregnant women.


Castor oil is also notorious for its bad taste. Some people have memories from childhood where they are forced to eat a spoonful of oil. Thankfully, you don’t have to consume castor oil to reap its benefits.


There are other ways to use castor oil on your body. One option is to use a castor oil pack.


What is a Castor Oil Pack

A castor oil pack is a piece of material soaked in castor oil and is used externally. It’s a safe way to use castor oil without having to ingest it. Instead, a castor oil pack is placed on the stomach, and the skin will then absorb the nutrients from the material.


A castor oil pack is used in many ways. It can increase blood flow in your reproductive organs, reduce scarring, improve menstrual symptoms, and promote healthy bowel movement. Castor oil can also benefit those who have ovarian cysts, endometriosis, and fibroids. 


A castor oil pack is one of the many things that can help improve your chance of conceiving. You can use an oil pack as often as 3 times a week if you are trying to conceive. 


A castor oil pack is fairly easy to make. Here is a guide on how to make a castor oil pack:


How to Make Castor Oil Packs

To make oil packs at home, you will need a hot water bottle, a piece of cloth, an extra shirt or rag, and some castor oil. 

  1. In a bowl, pour some castor oil. Afterward, put in the piece of cloth and let it soak for a while.
  2. Leave the cloth for a few minutes or until it has absorbed most of the oil. Once you think the cloth is saturated enough, you can take it out.
  3. Place the cloth onto your stomach. You can then add the extra shirt or rag on top, followed by the hot water bottle.
  4. Keep the pack on your body for around 30 minutes to 1 hour.
  5. Once you’re done, you can store your cloth in a safe container inside the refrigerator. You can use the oil pack again without having to soak it for long.


What are the Risks of Using Castor Oil Packs?

Castor oil packs are generally safe to use. However, there are still some precautions that you must know in case you want to use one.


Don’t use a castor oil pack on damaged and broken skin. This can cause irritation and burning. You should also avoid ingesting the oil if you are trying to improve your fertility.


You should also avoid using a castor oil pack during menstruation days, while you are pregnant, or while you are breastfeeding. Castor oil does not have enough research to back up its safety for pregnant women and children. So it’s better to avoid using them when you are not sure if it’s safe or not.


It’s also a good idea to be careful while using a castor oil pack. A water bottle can break or get too hot and cause burning. That’s why an extra rag is there to support and protect you.


You should also avoid getting the oil into your eye. Castor oil is harmless, but it can still cause some temporary discomfort and irritation. You can wash it off with clean water.


Should I Try Castor Oil Packs for Infertility Issues?

Castor oil packs (and castor oil in general) are safe for most women to use. What’s great with an oil pack is that everything is done externally, so you don’t have to bear the icky taste of castor oil. It’s also easy and inexpensive to make your own pack at home, and you can reuse it for as long as you want.


If you have any reproductive disorders, like PCOS or endometriosis, then castor oil packs can help. Not only does it raise your chance of conceiving, but it can also manage your condition. The increased blood flow and circulation in your organs can reduce painful symptoms and make everyday life more bearable.


But as good as castor oil sounds, you should always approach a specialist when trying to conceive. Professionals like a gynecologist or fertility specialist can guide you on your journey to fertility. They can provide other remedies if castor oil does completely work for you.


Castor oil can improve your reproductive health and detoxify your body. But you will still need the words of your doctor before you try alternative medicine. Fortunately, more women are getting the support that they need in overcoming their problems of infertility.


Alternative Methods to Increase Fertility

Castor oil is great, but it shouldn’t be the only thing you rely on. There are other effective ways to induce ovulation. Most of these alternative methods are easy to accomplish and might even be things you already normally do.


Having a healthy diet is one of the best ways to improve your fertility. You are what you eat, so your reproductive health reflects your eating habits. A nutritious diet filled with good carbs, fiber, protein, healthy fat, and antioxidants is your path to becoming a mother.


Staying physically fit is another way to increase your fertility. Being overweight can cause infertility issues. Diseases linked to obesity, such as diabetes and heart diseases, can also put a risk on your reproductive health.


On the other hand, being underweight can also cause some problems. A common problem underweight people experience is reproductive issues and a lack of menstruation. These are signs that your body is incapable of producing a baby.


Caffeine, alcohol, and cigarettes can all interfere with your fertility too. The chemicals in these products can lower your chance of getting pregnant. These products can also affect you in other unhealthy ways.


Stress also plays a big role in causing infertility. Your body is thrown off of balance when you experience constant stress and worries. So relax and take a break from the hustle and bustle of life if you want to conceive.


Finally, you can use natural supplements to help you increase your fertility. Bee propolis and royal jelly are some supplements that women can take to increase fertility. However, you might want to consult your physician before trying something new. 


Infertility is a complex situation that people can’t easily answer. Instead of being one issue, infertility is a mixture of many factors. So for women who are struggling, it can feel like an endless back-and-forth with no clear ending in sight.


But there is always still hope for conception. Thanks to modern inventions and technology, it’s easier for women to have babies. And if modern innovation is not the solution, then you can always look back in time for your answer.



Infertility is a common problem experienced by men and women around the world. For women, infertility is the inability to ovulate and bear a child. This can cause a lot of distress and emotional turmoil for any woman who wants to be a mother.


But people are always on the lookout for a way to solve infertility. One option is to use castor oil. Castor oil is a vegetable oil that has plenty of benefits, including increased chances of conception.


 Women use castor oil packs to increase blood circulation and detoxification in their reproductive system. This external method is safe for most women and is very easy to do. And women usually use these packs around 3 times a week.


Castor oil is one answer to infertility. But women should still seek the help of medical practitioners to ensure safety while using oil packs. Women who are menstruating, pregnant, or breastfeeding are discouraged from using castor oil packs.


Castor oil is not the only thing that can help infertile women, though. There are other remedies to infertility that women can try. Some supplements can help women increase their chance of getting pregnant.


But of all the remedies, infertility is always best solved with a healthy lifestyle. A balanced diet, regular exercise, and a healthy level of stress increase a woman’s fertility. This is the most natural method that any woman can do to become a mother.


Infertility is a hard subject to talk about. But people are ready to support those who are struggling. We wish you all the best in your journey to pregnancy and parenthood.