Am I Feeling Flutters at 9 Weeks Pregnant?

Am I Feeling Flutters at 9 Weeks Pregnant?

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Your first trimester is coming to an end. After weeks of morning sickness and bloating, you will start to see improvement in your symptoms.


Around your second trimester, you will experience many changes in yourself and your baby. During this time, you might experience movements in your womb called quickening. For many parents, this is one of the most exciting moments of pregnancy since it means your baby is alive and kicking.


But while plenty of mothers experience movement during their second trimester, others report fluttering during the late first trimester. But is it possible to experience flutters as early as 9 weeks?


What to Expect at 9 Weeks?

At 9 weeks of pregnancy, your body undergoes many changes to accommodate your growing baby. These changes can be physical and psychological.


Your breast will increase in size and will feel sore to the touch. Fortunately, many moms say that the symptoms will get better over time. You may want to buy a supportive bra to keep your breasts comfortable and pain-free.


Your appetite and food cravings will also vary, and you might start liking or disliking new food. This is mostly your hormones affecting the way food tastes in your mouth. Plus, you can enjoy the smell of your favorite food thanks to a heightened sense of smell.


Mood swings are also a common symptom of pregnancy during your 9 weeks. One minute, you feel like you are on top of the world, then the next thing you know, you are crying into a bowl of ice cream. You will eventually overcome your mood swings, but you may want to contact your doctor if feelings of depression and anxiety are affecting your daily routine.


Finally, you might find some vaginal discharge during this time. Milky white discharge is normal. However, itching, soreness, and smelly discharge can be symptoms of an infection and will need medical attention. Light spotting is also expected.


How Big is My Baby at 9 Weeks?

At 9 weeks of pregnancy, your baby will be the tiny size of a cherry. But do not be fooled by your baby’s size.


During this stage, your baby’s facial features are more visible. You can distinguish their eyelids, nose, and mouth. Their hands and feet are more distinguishable but do not yet have fingers and toes.


Major organs such as the heart, brain, guts, and genitals are taking shape. The tail present during the early stage of development has disappeared.


What Are Baby Flutters and What Do They Feel Like?

Baby flutters are that sensations when your baby is moving in your womb. Flutters are hard to distinguish at times, especially for new mothers. Many describe it as a tickling, bubbling, or poking sensation in the stomach.


Flutters can happen anywhere inside your womb. It depends on where your fetus is at the moment. Some mothers experience flutters at the center of the stomach, while others have them around the edges.


As your baby grows bigger, their movement becomes more noticeable. Later on, other people can start feeling their kicking while touching your belly. 


Baby flutters come at random times. Some mothers feel fluttering during their second trimester, at around 16 to 20 weeks. Others experience it as early as 13 weeks and as late as 25 weeks. But is it possible to encounter fluttering it as early as 9 weeks?


Am I Feeling Flutters at 9 Weeks Pregnant?

Visit any baby forums, and you might stumble upon moms saying they experienced a quickening sensation while 9 weeks pregnant. Many parents debate whether this sensation is really fluttering or just a bad case of gas.


There is no doubt that your baby is alive and is learning how to move, especially since they are developing their muscular and nervous systems during this time. However, your baby will be too small to cause movements within your womb, considering it is only the size of a cherry or a grape.


But that’s not to mean that you will not experience any movement in the future. Since you are near your second trimester, there is a higher chance you will experience flutters within your womb. Be patient with your child’s growth and development.


So What Should I Do During My 9 Weeks?

Although it is too early to say that you have felt your baby’s movement, it is safe to say that your child is growing as planned. So what can you do during your 9 weeks of pregnancy?


Your main priority should be your comfort. As mentioned above, investing in a supportive bra is the key to comfortable breasts and back. Plus, that maternity bra will come in handy while nursing your baby.


You may also want to watch your diet closely during this stage. Avoid smoking and drinking since these habits can cause issues for you and your baby. You may also want to limit your caffeine intake to around 200 mg daily.


You might also want to leave space in your calendar for doctor’s checkups in the upcoming weeks. Besides time, you also want to consider your finances for checkups and baby essentials.


Finally, you might consider telling more people about your pregnancy. Inform friends and loved ones about your upcoming bundle of joy. Who knows, they might even help out in your pregnancy journey.


Pregnancy is a big decision for many couples. However, you are not alone in your journey. While 9 weeks is still early, there is no better time to reach out to the people you love.



When do mothers typically feel baby flutters? 

There is no one answer since some moms experience quickening earlier or later. But the average is around 16 to 20 weeks.


Can I already know what my baby’s gender is at 9 weeks? 

Your baby’s genitals are currently developing at 9 weeks. However, it is still too early to determine their gender. Most parents learn their baby’s gender during a scheduled ultrasound, around 18 to 21 weeks. However, mistakes can happen during an ultrasound.

Can I mistake gas for baby flutters?

Gas bubbles in your belly are inconsistent and will pass eventually. Whereas baby flutters are more forceful and recognizable, especially if you know what you are looking for.