How to Announce Baby Registry Without Baby Shower

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No Baby Shower? No Problem! You Can Still Share Your Baby Registry


If you’ve ever found yourself shopping for baby stuff, chances are you’ve come across a baby registry. Stores like Babylist, Target, Amazon, and Walmart offer baby registries for parents-to-be.


But what is a baby registry?


Think of it like it’s a wishlist. It’s a list hosted by a specific store where you can compile everything you want to receive. It can help you keep track of what you need, and it can be a gifting guide for friends and family.


It sounds great, doesn’t it? But when do you send this list to others? For many parents, the best time to send a baby registry is either before a baby shower or before their baby’s birth.


But wait: What if you don’t want to have a baby shower? Fret not! You can still announce a baby registry without hosting any sort of party. And in this article, we’ll guide you on how you can ask friends and family for some help in gathering all you need for your bundle of joy.


Why Do Parents Sign Up for Baby Registry?

It’s no shocker that baby stuff is expensive. But how expensive can it be? If you’re looking for a rough estimate, you can go somewhere as high as $20,084.


While that number is an extreme estimate, there’s no denying that baby things are expensive. Clothes, bottles, strollers, and diapers are just scratching the surface. You also need to consider non-material needs like healthcare and food.


And that’s where a baby registry comes into play. One big benefit of having a registry is that you unlock exclusive deals from retailers. They can offer discounts, bundles, and money-back guarantees.


And let’s not forget that you’re not buying these things alone. Your friends and family can pitch in and purchase one or more items on your list. And sometimes, the more gifts they buy, the more discounts and promos you get.


A baby registry is a convenient way of asking loved ones about what gifts you want to receive for your child. Not only are you getting the things you asked for, but there is also less chance of duplicated purchases.


Now, what if you want to have a baby registry but not a party? Maybe you’re saving your money for more expensive purchases, or you just don’t like to host celebrations. Not to worry! We have three creative ideas on how you can share your baby registry without hosting a baby shower.


How to Announce Baby Registry Without Baby Shower

1. Have a Virtual Baby Shower

If you enjoy hosting parties, but don’t have the time, money, or resources, you can instead hold a virtual baby shower. Invite your friends and family on a Zoom or FaceTime call and hang out online. You can talk, play music, and even play virtual party games.


The benefit of a virtual baby shower is that nobody has to leave the comfort of their home. It’s also convenient if your loved ones live somewhere far away. Just don’t forget to attach the link to the baby registry in your chatbox.


2. Send Your Loved Ones a Small Gift

If you’re someone who is into arts and crafts, you will love this next suggestion. You can make small personalized gifts for your friends and family. It can be a mug, a snow globe, or a tote bag.


You can then pin a handmade letter for them where you may ask for their help. Bring up your baby registry and ask for their support.


3. Have a Casual Dinner or a Sip and See Party

Baby showers are nice, but not necessary. If you want to see your loved ones without the need for anything fancy, then you can have a simple dinner or a sip-and-see at your home or somewhere intimate.


Going casual means you have less stress and pressure on you. You can still have a good time with others without worrying about superficial things. If your loved ones live nearby and are available for the evening, then you should try to go with this route.


Tips on How to Announce Your Baby Registry

You might be nervous about announcing your baby registry, especially when you’re not hosting a baby shower. Asking for free things can feel rude and tacky, especially if done wrong.


But you can still ask your loved ones for help without appearing too demanding. Here are five tips on how you can announce your baby registry without raising eyebrows.


1. Be Honest

Be open that you need help during your pregnancy. Don’t be ashamed that you are struggling and that you need the help of others. Childrearing is a demanding and expensive task, and your loved ones will understand the burden.


2. But Don’t Be Demanding

However, don’t act like your life is dependent on them. You are only asking for a favor, and there is a chance that you will receive a no. Don’t get upset or angry by their choices, and instead, accept them with an open mind and heart.


3. Give Them Something in Return

One way to get on the good side of any person is by providing your help in return. Give back to them by offering a gift or support in the future. It can help make them feel like their effort was worth something.


4. Always Be Grateful with Their Answers

If you get a yes, be grateful. If you get a no, still be grateful. Be thankful for what your friends and family can do. Even moral support deserves gratitude.


5. Remember: They Are Not Obligated to Gift You Things

Don’t hold any grudges if your loved ones can’t buy you anything. They might be struggling financially too or are in a situation where they can’t help anybody. Always remember that they still care about you and your child, and they want the best from both of you.



A baby registry can help you a lot during your pregnancy. Everybody wants to receive gifts! Grab that opportunity to make parenthood easy.


You don’t have to host a baby shower to get the support of your friends and family. If they’re capable, they can always give you gifts when they can. Besides, it takes a community to raise a single child.

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