How to Hide Pregnancy Belly

7 Tips on How to Hide Pregnancy Belly

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Pregnancy is one of the most memorable parts of being a parent. Many women look forward to the experience of carrying their child for nine months. And many of those moms-to-be can’t wait to show off their pregnancy bump.


However, others want to keep things more private when it comes to their pregnancy. It mostly comes down to personal preference. Some women don’t want to share the big news until it’s the right time. While others don’t want to be questioned constantly by friends, family, and co-workers.


Typically, a pregnant woman’s belly will become more apparent during their second trimester. That means there is ample time to get ready for any bumps to show up. If you want to hide your pregnancy belly, you can try out these 7 quick fixes today.


7 Ways on How to Hide Pregnancy Belly

1 Wear Loose and Breathable Clothes

Your body changes drastically during pregnancy and can experience many side effects. So you will need to wear loose and breathable clothes to support you and your baby.


Loose-fitting clothes can make it easier for you to hide your baby bump. It won’t wrap around your body and make your tummy obvious. Look for breathable (not baggy) clothes, and try to match those with items you already have in your wardrobe.


2 Keep Your Wardrobe Consistent with Your Style

People might start asking questions when they notice a drastic shift within your fashion sense. When buying maternity clothes, look for the ones that are consistent with your already existing style. Not only does it makes things less obvious, but you can also then later re-use your maternity clothes as regular ones.


3 Use Fashion Hacks to Make Your Tummy Less Noticeable

The Internet is filled with fashion hacks that can make you appear slimmer. These tips are handy for many women, especially for moms who want to hide their bellies.


Hacks like choosing clothes with a V-neck or wearing outfits with vertical stripes are simple but effective when you want to move attention away from your stomach. Plus, if you already have clothes like these in your closet, then you can save some money as well.


4 Maintain Proper Posture

Another way to look slimmer instantly is by having good posture. Standing up straight does more than just helping your spine stay healthy. (Although, that is also something important.)


When your body is slumped forward, your tummy becomes more apparent. Meanwhile, standing straight can make you look younger, thinner, and taller. So if you want to hide your belly in seconds, stand up confidently and proudly!


5 Utilize the Power of Layers

If you live somewhere cold or are required to wear layered uniforms, don’t say no. Layers are another great way to hide your belly bump from other people. Just make sure you feel comfortable when wearing a coat or a PPE, especially if you live somewhere with a hot climate.


6 Use Your Accessories to Your Advantage

Accessories like scarves, blazers, and bags are going to be your new best friend. Not only can they up your style, but they can also help hide your belly. You can use your accessories as either a shield for your lower torso or as a distraction.


7 Put More Emphasis on Your Other Assets

Speaking of distraction: You want to use your other assets to draw people’s attention away from your stomach. Sure, the best way to get others’ attention is through your breast, but you can also use your face, hair, legs, or rear. Take advantage of what makes people attracted to you.


You can do this by finding the right clothes, such as wearing an outfit with an empire waist or a shorter dress. You can also try out a new hairstyle or put on some make-up when going out. The fashion boost can keep people talking without noticing your growing belly.



Hiding a belly is tough, but not impossible. Many women successfully hid their pregnancy from others by being careful with what they wore and acted. And you, too, can be one of those women.


Always prioritize your comfort, even while you’re trying to hide your pregnancy. Acting calmly and collectively won’t make people question your changing appearance. And if anybody asks, just say the good ol’ excuse: it’s just water weight.