20 Fun Kids Entertainment Ideas for Children’s Birthday Parties

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Birthday parties are a big part of childhood. They’re more than just preparing a large amount of food or receiving a bunch of presents. Birthday parties are all about building your child’s self-esteem, helping them make friends, and creating memories.


Many things can make a party feel more like, well, a party. You have things like food, decoration, and refreshments. But unlike adults, kids don’t just sit around and talk for the whole event.


What kids need is entertainment. You want to give them something fun and exciting. And fortunately for you, we have some ideas on how to make a birthday party memorable.


Here are 20 kids entertainment ideas for birthday parties that your child will love. Make their birthday worth it with one or more of the following activities.

Kids entertainment ideas birthday parties

1 Bring Out the Speakers and Play Music

Music is one of the best ways to keep a party going. Play your child’s favorite tunes while everybody waits for the main event. You can even turn the birthday party into a dance party!


2 Hire an Entertainer for the Day

Entertainers can catch your child’s attention with magic tricks and balloon sculptures. If your child and their friends are brave enough, you can hire a clown to do all those things. Otherwise, you can easily hire a magician who can do the same, minus the makeup.


3 Hire their Favorite Princess or Superhero

Similar to number 2, you can hire your child’s favorite fictional character for their birthday. You can get them their favorite heroes or princesses to show up and greet them. They can get a picture with their role model, have storytelling sessions, and even play a few games.


4 Turn the Party into a Pool Party

There’s just something about swimming pools that attract children of any age. If your backyard has one, why not suggest a pool party to your child? It’s an entertaining activity, and everyone can easily beat the heat.


5 Play Classic Party Games like Musical Chairs

Nothing says ‘party’ like parlor games. Party games can keep everyone on their toes and makes everybody in the place involved. Plus, who doesn’t want to win a prize? Classic games like musical chairs are a staple to any celebration.


6 Or Try a Foreign Game Like Ounch Neech…

If you’re tired of the same party games in your region, why not look somewhere abroad. This Pakistan game mixes both the floor is lava and tag. Your kid will love this game, especially if you have a big backyard.


7…Or Football Tennis…

Another foreign game is Football Tennis, which originated in the Czech Republic. This game plays like tennis, but players use their feet instead of a racket. It’s a good game for any athletic kid.


8…Or Longest Line

This timeless game from the Philippines is a favorite of both kids and adults. Children are divided into teams, and the team that can make the longest line with their things is the winner. Kids can be resourceful and use anything, from shoelaces and bags to belts and even clothes.


9 Make a Parlor Game Yourself

If none of the party games are tickling your fancy, then why not make your own? You can use everyday objects around your house to create something brand new. Get creative in making your own rules, mechanics, and prizes.


10 Crack Open a Piñata

Pinatas are fun to crack open, even if it takes a few tries. Let your kids and their friends try their luck at opening one. Who knows what treat is waiting inside.


11 Get a Karaoke Machine And Let Everyone Sing Their Hearts Out

If your child loves singing, then you have to get a karaoke machine for the party. The kids will enjoy singing to the lyrics of their favorite songs.


12 Watch a Movie in the Backyard

Grab a projector and some popcorn for this next tip. You can entertain your child and their peers with a good movie in the backyard. Just project their favorite film on a wall or a large sheet. Watch them get engrossed in the story and characters.


13 Or Let Them Play a Multiplayer Video Game

Alternatively, you can do the previous tips but with video games. Hook up a console and let all the kids play in their virtual world.


14 Give them a DIY Art Project

DIY art projects are a lot of fun when you’re doing them with friends. Bring out your child’s creativity by having them do DIYs with their buddies. Just get ready for a mess here and there.


15 Put on a Puppet Show

We don’t often see puppet shows these days, but they are still charming to watch. Ask some friends and family members to help put on a puppet show. You can base it on an existing franchise, or you can make up your own story.


16 Bring Out the Face Paint and Make Adorable Tattoos

Kids are attracted to anything colorful. So bring that wonder into their eyes by making temporary tattoos using face paint. Most face paints are safe on children’s skin and are easily washable. They can enjoy the party while looking like a tiger or a fairy princess.


17 Hire a Live Band that Can Sing Your Kid’s Favorite Songs

Music on YouTube or Spotify is alright. But why not step it up and hire a live band to perform on your kid’s birthday? It’s more interactive, and your child can ask the band to play any song they want.


18 Get a Bubble Machine and Blow Endless Amount of Bubbles

Every child loves bubbles, and we bet your kid loves them too. Get yourself a bubble machine and make some bubbles to keep them busy. Bubbles are fun to watch and pop!


19 Have a Snowman-Making Contest

If your child’s birthday is on a snow day, you can make things exciting by hosting a snowman-making contest. Kids can build their own creative snowman and show off their skills in snow sculpting. Plus, you can end the day with some hot chocolate and a warm fire.


20 Finally, Turn the Birthday Party into a Slumber Party

The party doesn’t have to end so quickly. You can keep your kid’s guests entertained by letting them stay for the night. With the right permission and some extra clothes, your kid and their friends can have a fun day and night!



There are many activities that you can do to make your kid’s birthday party memorable. Feel free to experiment with one or more of the options above. And if they bring a smile to your kid’s face, then you know that you have made their day special and spectacular.

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