Short Torso Pregnancy? 7 Fashion Tips for Pregnant Mothers

Short torso pregnancy

Genes. You either love them or loathe them. Maybe you inherited your mother’s eye color, your father’s left-handedness, or your great-great-grandfather’s extra toe.


Our genes dictate many things in our lives, from how we look to how we feel. One hereditary trait we can’t run away from is our height. If you come from a family of tall people, then you’re more likely to be a few inches above average.


Our height mostly comes from our genes. Of course, environmental factors like nutrition play a role. But according to scientists, 80% of our stature is a result of a genetic lottery.


Likewise, our vertical torso length is not something we can control. Some people have naturally shorter torsos than others. That, along with height, can impact some aspects of our lives.


Mothers who have short stature and even shorter torso might see pregnancy differently. And we’re talking about the fashion department. So how do you stay stylish while having a short torso pregnancy?


What is Pregnancy Like for Moms with a Short Torso?

When it comes to a shorter torso, your pregnancy might not last that long. Researchers found that shorter pregnant women are more likely to have preterm births, smaller babies, and shorter pregnancies.


Besides a slightly shorter gestation period, your belly bump may appear more noticeable when you have a shorter torso. With no extra legroom for your infant, your tummy will appear fuller than taller or longer-torsoed mothers.


Mothers will shorter torsos will need supervision from their doctors because of the potential for a quicker pregnancy. Also, if you have a short torso, you are at a higher risk of getting a C-section because of your small pelvis.


But it’s not all doom and gloom! You can still have a healthy pregnancy even if your torso is not as long as other moms. Maintaining a balanced diet, practicing good hygiene, getting regular exercise, and avoiding stress during pregnancy will lead to a safe and healthy delivery, short torso or no short torso!


7 Tips to Make You Look Stylish While Pregnant

Short torso or not, you will always want to look the best at home, work, or gatherings. While some fashion tips for a short torso work for everyday women, there will be a few changes when you become pregnant.


Wonder how you can look gorgeous while staying comfortable during your pregnancy? Here are 7 fashion tips for soon-to-be mothers with short torsos:


1 Think of Loose-Fitted and Breathable Outfits

Tight clothing may bring your curves out, but it can constrain your belly and make breathing hard. With a short torso, your baby will be pushing against your organs day and night. So choose a loose outfit that can give your tummy space to breathe.


Also, you might want to loosen those belts for now. Belts look great on women with short torsos because they draw attention to the slimmer parts of your body. But make sure they aren’t wrapped too tightly around your waist.


2 Dresses are Your New Best Friends

If you adore dresses, then you will bet on this next tip. Dresses are loose and easy to put on. They can also work at any time of the day, and you don’t have to worry about mixing and matching your tops and bottoms.

Coolmee Women's Ruffle Smocked Maternity Dress Floral Short Sleeve V Neck Knee Length Dress for Baby Shower Photoshoot Casual Yellow M

3 Buy an Outfit that Will Accommodate Your Belly Later

This is a very general tip for any pregnant mom. Brand new maternity clothes can get very pricey. And sometimes, you might end up with an outfit that you will immediately grow out of once you’re in the next trimester.


Find an outfit that can accommodate your body no matter what trimester you’re in. For mothers with short torsos, you’ll need to search for clothes that will stay stylish even when your belly grows twice its size. Look for those shirts, blouses, pants, and dresses with gartered seams and stretchy fabrics.


4 Vertical Lines will Make You Appear Taller and More Balanced

You might have heard of this tip before. But vertical lines can make you appear taller and more balanced. You can add a bit of height to your wardrobe by wearing a striped dress or trousers. 


5 Find an Outfit that Can Make You Go Braless

A short torso will lack some space for your growing child. Your fetus can push your sternum, making it harder to breathe. This usually happens during the third trimester.


So if you’re at home, ditch the bra and let it all free. Or, if you’re going out, find an outfit that looks good while you’re braless. If going braless isn’t your thing, opt for a looser bra.


6 Wear Something You Can Easily Take Off

Your kid will be pushing other organs in your body, including your bladder. You might be having more trips to the bathroom, so it will be a hassle to wear so many layers.


Pick out an outfit that you can easily take off in a minute. You can raise a dress immediately or unbuckle a pair of jeans without a sweat. A jumpsuit might look good on you, but you might have to think twice once you need to go number 2.


7 Buy Only When You Need To

As mentioned above, maternity clothes are expensive. And since your body is constantly changing, it might not be wise to buy your maternity clothes in bulk.


Instead of choosing so many outfits that you might not end up wearing, prepare a capsule wardrobe that contains clothes that you can mix and match together. And, as we said earlier, make sure they’re still wearable throughout your pregnancy.



A short torso can affect your pregnancy, such as having a short gestation time or potentially being a C-section patient. But most important of all, a short torso can open the doors to different fashion styles.


You don’t have to settle and look frumpy during your pregnancy. Having the right clothes for your body size will make you look stylish while carrying your baby. So go out there and look for that perfect dress for the perfect you!

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