When Do Babies Outgrow Changing Table: Should You Buy A Changing Table

When Do Babies Outgrow Changing Table: Should You Buy A Changing Table

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Whether scrolling through Pinterest or roaming around IKEA, you might have seen a changing table when looking for nursery inspirations. You might recognize them as drawers but with a cushioned surface and a small railing on the top. (Of course, changing tables come in other unique and chic styles.)


Changing tables seem like the perfect furniture piece for your baby’s room. They come in many shapes and sizes, are pleasing to look at, and have extra storage space for your baby’s nappies and products. Oh, and let’s not forget: they can help change your baby’s dirty diapers!


But is a changing table a worthwhile investment, or is it more of a want than a need? Will a changing table be worth it once your baby outgrows it?


What Are Changing Tables?

Changing tables are a special kind of furniture designed to help parents change their babies’ nappies. Home changing tables are usually made out of either wood or hard plastic. While there are changing tables for toddlers, older children, and adults (especially those with disabilities), we will be focusing on changing tables for babies.


Delta Children Infant Changing Table with Pad, Grey
A changing table with two shelves for storage


Most changing tables in the market will have shelves and drawers with a top where you place your infant. Sizes, colors, and numbers of storage vary. Your changing table will have railings to keep your baby from rolling over. Some tables might also have straps and a way to secure the furniture to the wall.


Changing tables can also be foldable. These tables are favorable for families who are living in tight spaces and on a budget.


Finally, you can also find changing tables that are attached to a crib. They are versatile and can bring storage closer to where your baby sleeps.


What are the Pros and Cons of a Changing Table?

Buying a changing table is not a necessity, but it can bring some ease. Changing tables can look pretty inside a nursery and provide extra storage for your baby’s needs. They are also safer than just using any table around the house.


Changing tables can also be repurposed once your baby has grown up. Many tables are nice-looking and can double as a dresser or a clutter drawer. You might also consider donating it to a friend or loved one or handing it down to your next child.


Storkcraft Brookside 2 Drawer Changing Table Dresser (Pebble Gray) – Nursery Dresser Organizer with Changing Table Topper, Chest of Drawers for Bedroom with 2 Drawers, Universal Design


However, changing tables can be expensive, with some reaching thousands of dollars. So for some parents, buying secondhand or making a DIY table with an ordinary drawer might seem like a better investment.


Safety is also a concern for many parents, especially when using plastic or foldable changing tables. While most tables come with anchors and hooks, straps, and guardrails, there are still risks that many parents are not willing to take.


When Do Babies Outgrow Changing Tables?

While many changing tables are tough and durable, they still have weight limits. Changing tables for babies can only handle 30 to 35 pounds of weight. Not only will they be too heavy for the surface to hold, but they will also be too big for the straps to hold down.


Babies who know how to sit up and roll around easily might also not need a changing table anymore. They may begin to act independent and refuse to lie down to change their nappies. This might be the time to introduce potty training.


What are the Safety Concerns When Buying a Changing Table?

When buying a changing table, safety should also be the first priority. First and foremost, the changing table needs a guardrail that is 2 inches tall. The surface should also have lower middle and higher sides to keep your baby in place. 


Sturdiness is also something worth looking into. Wooden changing tables are least likely to fall over. Double-check foldable or plastic changing tables if they are just as durable and foolproof.


Finally, always observe your infant while using a changing table. Never leave your baby unattended, even to answer the phone or pick up a toy. Even with the railings and straps, your baby can still move around and find ways to wiggle themselves off the table. So keep an eye on them at all times.


Should I Purchase a Changing Table for My Baby?

A changing table is a hefty investment, but it can also be worth it. It can make diaper changing more comfortable for you and your baby. Your infant will have a soft pillow holding them underneath, and you can change their diaper without hunching over uncomfortably.


A changing table also brings you closer to your baby’s supplies, and you do not have to scramble to find baby powder or a clean nappy. Having your baby’s things close is crucial so you can always keep your eyes on your child. Plus, who doesn’t want an organized space to keep their baby clutter in?


However, parents must remember the upfront cost and the safety features of a new changing table. Some changing tables can get pricey, while others might not be as durable as you want them to be.


Storkcraft Modern Nursery Changing Table Combo Dresser (White with Vintage Driftwood) – Removable Changing Table Topper Fits Standard-Size Baby Changing Pad, 2 Drawers, 1 Cabinet, Storage Shelves


At the end of the day, a changing table can be a life-changing addition to a nursery. If you have the space and money, you will find a lot of use for a new changing table. Just don’t forget to keep your baby’s safety and comfort always as the top priority.



How much weight can a changing table handle?

Most manufacturers design changing tables to handle infants ages 2 and below. On average, a changing table can carry babies that weigh 30 to 35 pounds.


Can a changing table be handed down or donated to another family?

Yes! You can donate your changing table to friends, families, and loved ones in need. A changing table is a sturdy piece of furniture. It can handle a few years of use from family to family.


Should I invest in a changing table with plenty of storage?

Storage is a plus when buying a changing table since you can store your baby’s clothes, diapers, and supplies at arm’s reach. When buying a changing table, always look for one with ample storage.