When Should I Start Buying Baby Stuff During Pregnancy?

When Should I Start Buying Baby Stuff During Pregnancy

Most expectant parents are always looking forward to being parents of a newborn. Especially the mother is filled with a lot of anxiety the whole pregnancy period. As a mother, you start wondering what to buy for your infant and how soon you should do it. There are magazines and books to guide on some of these things. Even the television commercials are advertising on infant stuff. There is also the extensive use of mobile phones where people share in groups about becoming a new Mum.


It is not harmful to ask oneself, “When should I start buying baby stuff during pregnancy.? It is wise to be at peace with yourself and not be led by what people advise. You are the only one who knows your budget and the time that you are ready. You can buy little by little stuff as you wish or do a one-stop shopping of the most important things you will need for your newborn. 


Following are a few tips to assist in making that critical question of when I should start buying stuff during pregnancy. 


After the first trimester

Many pregnant ladies usually wait until the first trimester has ended and buy the baby stuff. It is mainly for superstitious people-in reality, buying infant stuff as soon as you are pregnant won’t cause any troubles. Especially if you have no history of miscarriage, it is good to have great confidence you will make it through the whole pregnancy period. Always follow your conscience on what is best for you. 


The second trimester is considered best as you have relaxed from morning sicknesses and primary medical checkups. You are relaxing, waiting for the third trimester when you are tired and more anxious. So this is an excellent time to buy 


Don’t also wait until the maternity period arrives. Most probably, the income will have reduced and may not be the best time to buy the remaining stuff.

Gender of the infant

It is also something to consider on when should I start buying baby stuff during pregnancy. It is good to know the gender so that you avoid wasting your money. However, if you don’t want to check on the gender, ensure you buy most of the unisex stuff. Any gender can use general things like diapers, wipes, cribs, linen, and others.



Buying a lot of infant clothes too soon is all right, but it can cause you to always keep an eye on them. You could buy and keep them with a family member of a friend till when you almost due and pick them. You only need to keep track of what you bought and where they are. You could easily keep a list of bought essentials and those waiting to buy. 


Pregnancy on High-risk: High-risk pregnancy can interpret as delivering your newborn earlier than the due date. It is, therefore, wise to ensure you have all the essentials ready. It will save you from running up and down at the last minute.


Appreciate your Kindness towards you

Once you start shopping, your friends and family members will also bring gifts to you. It is mainly for your infant. Do appreciate and take it wholeheartedly. It is healthy for you and your baby as they offer emotional support as much as they are giving gifts. 


As much as you are thinking about when should I start buying stuff during pregnancy, it is wise to consider buying the essential things as below:


A Crib: Make a plan to buy a crib for your newborn. Your infant needs to be independent as he or she grows up. Most mothers put their infants by their side, and it is not very wise. However, most cribs do not come with a mattress. So, put a mattress on our budget. 


You will need a waterproof mattress pad, lightweight blankets, crib sheets, crib bumpers, and fluffy comforters-no need for infant pillows. 


Diapers: Plan on using 70 to 100 diapers per week. It could be on disposable or reusable ones. Remember to get a small pad to place your newborn when changing diapers. It would be best if you also got alcohol-free wipes and soft wash clothes. A bucket for disposing of soiled diapers is a necessity. Ensure to use the ointment for diaper rash or some cream. 


Baby tub: You need a tub sloped with a foam pad inside where you can bathe your baby. Also, get washcloths, soap, brush, soap, nail clippers, or scissors. 


Clothes: Get some pairs of socks, booties, gloves, sweaters, infant gowns, receiving blankets, stretch suits, and other essential baby clothes.


Burp cloths and bibs: A must for feeding, even if you are breastfeeding. Also, get nipples and bottles to use in case you pump milk. For cleaning, buy a bottle brush and a dishwasher basket. For those not breastfeeding, get formula and a measuring cup. 


Medicine cabinet: A thermometer and a bulb syringe are necessities. You will use the syringe to suction mucus from the mouth and nose. You can get these from the hospital or your pediatrician. Also, get advice on the best kinds of ointments or medication for my baby’s medicine cabinet. 


Following is a list of other things you will need:

  1. Infant swing.
  2. Night light to use when changing diapers or feeding at night. 
  3. A diaper bag with extra space for toys, changing pad, snacks, and dirty diapers. 
  4. Infant sling for carrying your baby. 
  5. A baby monitor to help keep track of your infant when you are in a different room. 




When should I start buying baby stuff during pregnancy is not a question with a direct answer. It is not clear as one might think. Many things have to be considered, like finances, gender, pregnancy complications, and others. However, you can start to buy once you know the gender, your pocket is good, and when your conscience tells you it’s time. Don’t so much on others. 


Remember to keep a checklist of the things you need to avoid missing to get all you need to buy for your newborn. 

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